Prakash Netra Kendr (P.N.K.)


We are guided by the philosophy 'Every eye deserves the best' and are a leading eye care service provider. We seek to ensure a fair, competitive working environment that ensures all round development for all its employees.

Guided by this philosophy, we work together with pride and passion in providing personalized care to all. With Prakash Netra Kendr (P.N.K.)- you can have a career that's exciting, rewarding and full of possibilities in a collaborative culture that is unique. Our clinical & non clinical teams are focused on performing at the highest levels.

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Job Description

Wanted Front Desk Executive with overall experience of more than 2 yrs. 

Should be able to attend calls and must have good computer skills.

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We insist on respect, integrity and inclusion from ourselves & each other. Our focus is not only quality patient care, but also endeavor to achieve employee satisfaction.

Merit-based Work Culture

We have an open, merit-based atmosphere at all levels of the organization, rewarding people for performance. At all levels, Prakash Netra Kendr (P.N.K.) employees are expected to share their views and provide suggestions for mutual growth, hence providing endless opportunities for self-development.

Challenging Work Environment

Prakash Netra Kendr (P.N.K.) seeks to create an open and challenging work environment to support ongoing learning and professional development.

Prakash Netra Kendr (P.N.K.) aims to recruit the best talent available from reputed management schools, exposed to work in a constantly stimulating and satisfying environment, acquiring the latest professional skills while developing invaluable life-long professional expertise and contacts.

Training and Development Opportunities

At Prakash Netra Kendr (P.N.K.), employees' abilities are developed constantly by conducting numerous conferences and training sessions.

Nurturing New Employees

We aim to provide the strongest support and encouragement for new employees committed to the success of our organization. Through our mentor and feedback programs we seek to ensure a firm grounding in our corporate values, practices and procedures.
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