Prakash Netra Kendr (P.N.K.)

Patient Care

Prakash Netra Kendr (P.N.K.)

When a patient visits a hospital, there are many apprehensions involved. The patient needs someone to clarify all the doubts, queries and provide answers to all the questions that he/she may have. Considering this, we at Prakash Netra Kendr introduce our patients to the Patient Counselors. They guide the patients, in detail, about the following:-

  • A brief insight into the treatment
  • Benefits of the treatment
  • The Pre and Post Operative Care required
  • The cost of the procedures and the various packages available
  • The course and dosage of medicines
  • Queries about the prescription or any other documents given to the patient
  • Any other doubts or queries that the patients may have

Our Counselors provide a positive approach towards the patients and help them at every step. We have team of experienced and specialized personnel ensuring a comfortable visit of all our esteemed patients.

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